Product Testers Wanted

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You are invited to join these programs to test products for free.

How to get them

 You can go HERE and enter your email and you will get my emails once a day with the latest stuff.

If you don’t want to get any email, you can also check my site daily.  Just go HERE to the homepage anytime to see what’s new.  You can also browse the product testing category if you don’t want to see everything else mixed in. (Or keep reading for the list).

On the website, each post will tell you what is available for testing and how to sign up.  For instance, one of the more popular product testing panels is Nike, which I talk about . For that one… you just have to fill out their applications for the stuff you’d like to test like clothes, or shoes.  Then they will either accept you, or deny you based on what they need at the moment. 

Get your free products to test here

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