Promaths Bursary Fund

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The Promaths Bursary Fund is specifically designed for Promaths alumni who lack the funding to pursue a tertiary education.

Application Process

Applications are open to:

  • South African citizens.
  • Those who have attended a Promaths or Kutlwanong centre across the country.
  • Students who are accepted to study at a reputable tertiary institution for a rare skills degree or national diploma in South Africa.

Promaths Bursary Fund

Get Involved

Corporates and individuals can get involved in the following ways:

Contribute to the trust for a specified number of bursaries for the duration of students university degree’s. (Individuals and Corporates).

Sponsor a certain number of bursaries for the specialization of your choice i.e. medicine, aviation, engineering, commerce, etc. (Corporates).

Pledge to sponsor a number of individuals (Individuals and Corporates).

Contribute what they can to the trust (Individuals and Corp

How to apply

Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s online Leaply platform before 30 September to be considered for a bursary for next year.

Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.

Closing date

Application Season: 01 April to 30 September.

Please carefully read the instructions on our Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.


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More about the bursary fund

The fund is a collaboration between all corporate, NGO’s and other entities that offer bursaries within rare skills courses.

The fund operates independently, from its donors and partners.

The fund is administered by StudyTrust, an independent bursary management organisation that was established in 1974, of which Investec has been in partnership since 2007.

StudyTrust will earn 10% to 15% of the disbursed funds in management fees.

It is encouraged that the funders of the fund form an advisory committee that meets on advisory basis with the administering organisation.

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