Resposes to Sassa R350 Grants Delays

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Sassa beneficiaries have seen another set of issues plague them. Now, those waiting for payment of the Sassa R350 Grants were presented with banking issues and are left receiving nothing. Sassa has provided some clarity on what is causing the issue. Read more about the Sassa R350 Grants payment delays.

Those who applied and have been approved to receive the R350 grant from Sassa have now ran into issues that affects their payments. Sassa has however provided some clarity on the situation. 

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Many have lodged complaints concerning the lack of action after the banking details verification process and have not received any payment.

After being asked for banking details, indicating that he doesn’t have a bank account. Should you not have a bank account, you will need to select a bank for you to retrieve a cash payment. Then after providing answers to the questions generated, a beneficiary still hasn’t received any further communication from Sassa or payment after a month.

To this, Sassa responded, “What may be causing the delays for some applicants, is the account failing bank verification. In such cases the client is sent to the post office for cash payment”. 

Should you have received this same response or had a similar experience, Sassa advises that you should not go to the post office until you have received an SMS from Sassa confirming that a payment has come through for you. 

Sassa has stated, “Turnaround time for payment  to reflect once bank details have been successfully verified is usually 7 working days, however due to high application volumes it might take slightly longer”. 



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