Robben Island Museum Internship Programme

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attending to all administration issue at transport workshop and ensure daily workshop functions operate in an effective;
  • Serving as the contact person regarding all transport related queries;
  • Filling Trip inspection forms and make sure they are signed according to schedule of the drivers;
  • Issuing vehicles at transport workshop for private tours and site visit and keep the records at all times;
  • Arranging ferry bookings for site visit of the service providers;
  • Conducting vehicle inspection with the security prior to handing over keys to the driver;
  • Scheduling vehicles as needed, input miles and hours for bus trips, vehicle trips, maintain schedules for drivers;
  • Submitting requisition to SCM department and keep record;
  • Assisting on driving for Departmental site briefings or other related transport business;
  • Answering phones at transport unit for all issues pertaining transport unit;
  • Loading all transport job cards into a database including roadworthiness schedule;
  • Ensuring that log sheets are updated and submitted to the Transport Manager regularly.


Closing date

Closing Date: Friday, April 12, 2019

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