SACTWU Bursary Scholarships 2019

When completing the form please comply with the following:
1. Please note that it is a requirement for all information requested on the application form to
be completed in full. All documents requested must be certified copies and submitted
promptly (Your local Post Office or Police Station will be able to certify the documents).
2. Please ensure that the correspondence address provided at the top of page 4 is the
address at which you will receive your mail. Please inform us immediately of any changes.
3. Please ensure that you provide us with an email address and where possible a student’s
email address from the respective registered institutions.
4. Applications for study at any FET / TVET College shall not be considered.
5. Where the member is the biological parent the following document has to be submitted:
 Certified copy of an unabridged birth certificate of the student from the Department
of Home Affairs, indicating the parent’s names

6. Where the member is a legal guardian it is compulsory to provide the following:
 Valid letter of guardianship from Department of Social Development / Court Order
 Member’s marriage certificate and both member and spouse identity documents
 The death certificate of student’s biological parents.
7. Where the member is applying for his/her spouse it is compulsory to provide:
 Member’s marriage certificate and member and spouse identity documents.
8. Please ensure that the checklist provided on page 4, is completed in full and all the
required documents are submitted.
9. All students who are child dependants and have received a Sactwu bursary are required to
do 50 hours of community service and submit proof to the Sactwu Bursary Department,
failing which penalties will apply. Should a student do more than the 50 hours of
community service then a further 5% will be added to the qualifying bursary award.
10.Sactwu does not pay 100% of the tuition fees.
11.A copy of the bursary fund rules is attached to this application.
28th February 2019 for full year and 1
st semester study
8th August 2019 for 2nd semester study

Download The Application Form

Sactwu Bursary – Application Form 2019

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