Sassa R350: New Payment System [You May Change Now]

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Sassa R350: New Payment System [You May Change Now]

SASSA has made changes to their payment methods for the R350 grant they have set up for Covid-19 relief. Beneficiaries will not be able to choose where they receive their grant money and also change the method of transaction.

Sassa R350 Updates

Beneficiaries can now make a choice of where it is most convenient for them to receive their grants. They can also change from one payment method to another. If funds are being received through the Post Office, it can be changed to a bank account and if you receive funds through a bank account but prefer the Post Office, you can now change it. You can also change the bank you receive funds through should you want to. Bank accounts must be open and in the beneficiary’s name.

This new system will be open from Monday, 3 August, until Sunday, 9 August for 24 hours each day. Approved beneficiaries of the SRD grant can change their payment method by going to

SASSA has stated, “This development is a response to the challenges some beneficiaries have experienced in trying to access their special grant from Post Offices”. The challenges spoke about are the long queues outside Post Offices, sometimes during difficult winter conditions for hours at a time, and also funds running out at these Post Offices with beneficiaries heading home with no money. 

Beneficiaries are urged to not come to the Post Office during the first week of the month as it’s reserved for other grant payments and only come once they have received an SMS saying funds are available. 

SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela, has said that, “if choosing a money transfer option, please ensure that the cell phone number provided is correct and is registered in your name. Just like with a bank account, SASSA cannot pay the grant into a cell phone which is registered to another person”.

Should you choose to receive your funds through a bank account, you will get paid faster. 

“Any citizen who does not update their information during this window period, or who provides incorrect banking details will have the payments for the remaining months sent through to the Post Office.”

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