She Used Vicks Vaporub On Her Tummy and Lose Belly Fats Overnight

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Lose Belly Fats Overnight. I have been watching a video on YouTube where a lady uses Vicks VapoRub for one day and reduced her stomach immediately. Read more and watch the video below.

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The lady on this video demonstrates how she used Vicks VapoRub to get a flat stomach overnight.

Watch video below

Source: YouTube/Skin First Daily

Here are the steps she used

1.She measured here stomach before the experiemnet

2. She applied Vicks VapoRub on the stomach and her back applying pressure so that the rub penetrate her skin.

3. She uses a clean clear wrap and wrap her stomach and her back.

4. She then used a waist trainer to tighten her stomach

She did all this during the night and wen to sleep. In the morning she took the measurements again.

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Source: YouTube/BRIGHT SIDE
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