Sisonke Coin Auction [Sisonke Online Auction] 100% in 3 Days

Sisonke Coin Auction [Sisonke Online Auction] 100% in 3 Days

On this article, I will review Sisonke Online Auction also known as Sisonke Coin Auction. Sisonke Coin Auction is a peer-to-peer virtual coin auction platform. Sisonke Online Auction was launched on 4 September 2020. They are offering 30% in 24 hours, 60% in 2 48 hours and 100% in 72 hours.

Minimum bid amount is R200 and maximum bid amount is R1500.

Auction times: 8h30 am and 4h00 pm. Registration link: Referral Code: TABZELLA

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Watch the video to see how it works

Sisonke Coin Auction [100% in 72 Hours] Sisonke Online Auction: YouTube/AdamTMalapa

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What are virtual coins?

Virtual coins are digital or imaginary coins created by web developers. In South Africa, 1 virtual coin is equals to R1. These coins are generates by platforms created by web developers. They are given a percentage growth by using an algorithm know to by the web developers. For example, they may grow by 20% daily or in 2 days. These growth are programmed to give the user (buyer or seller) a gauge when they buy or sell their coins. They are bought at a lower rate and sold at a higher rate which include profit.

What is a peer-to-peer programme?

A peer-to-peer programme is one where the members of a platform circulate funds to one another without a central place where the funds are deposited. This is a crowd funding platform. Users exchange monies in order to assist each other. You may also view it as an online stokvel (South African word for crowd funding)

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