Distance Learning Colleges in South Africa

Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa 

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We’d love for more people to know about the greatness that is distance learning. This is a study option for those who would like to work, make money, gain experience, and improve their education all at the same time.

To pull this off is really impressive, and looks very good on your CV. Employers will recognise that you’re one hardworking fellow, ready to work hard at your day job, and go home after hours and work hard on your education.

There are many different courses you can study via distance learning in order to improve your skills and further your career. Some distance learning institutions even offer fully accredited courses which can really give your career the boost you’re looking for. Courses such as the fully accredited ICB Business Management Course can give you the edge you need on your next promotion opportunity or job interview.

You’re smart enough to go after this because of all the freedom and benefits it offers you. And you have the determination and iron will to make the sacrifice of studying and working.

This is a path not everyone is willing to take and for that, we have decided to reward you. We have made your search for the best college a bit easier, by putting together a list of all the distance learning colleges here in South Africa.

A benefit of this list is that you get to see all of your options, you don’t want to feel like you are missing out on anything. So check them all of them out and make the decision possible. For more information read the ICB prospectus page

Here are the list of college offering distance learning in South Africa. These are just some of them not all of them. Make further research to find other colleges and institutions.

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What is an Online Degree

What is an Online Degree

In this article we’ll look at how online degrees work, what you should look for if you are pursuing a degree via the online option, and what employers think of online degrees.

As more and more people get online degrees and use them in the workforce, HR managers and hiring managers will begin to feel more secure about the quality of education these people have. If the studies that were done by Thomas L. Russell and John Losak — showing the quality of online education to be as good as or better than that of traditional education — hold up on a larger scale, then the future of getting jobs and advancements based on online degrees will be bright.

Until then, choose schools carefully, and check for accreditation and strong programs. When you’ve completed the degree, go to job interviews armed with information to counter any questions about the quality or validity of your degree. Make sure the interviewer knows how you achieved the degree, how you worked it into a busy schedule, how you overcame any obstacles. It will show a self-motivation and discipline that may be just the qualities the company is looking for.

With a computer, an Internet connection and a little self-discipline, you can earn a degree from home, work, or anywhere else for that matter. Online degree programs follow much the same routines as traditional learning, with a few twists. There are lectures, but they won’t be in person. There are assignments, but you won’t hand them to your instructor. There are exams, but you won’t be able to look at your neighbor’s paper. There may be a set time that “class” begins, but you don’t have to be there then. In most situations, you are free to “go to class” when it fits your schedule. If you get a phone call during class, you don’t have to miss anything. If you get sick, you don’t have to ask for someone’s notes, you just visit the lecture later.

You’ll communicate with your instructor by e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and instant messaging. Your classroom will live in a special software program that uses text chat and bulletin boards, as well as streaming audio or recorded lectures. You may be put into a virtual workgroup with other students and be required to solve a problem. You may have to work through interactive puzzles and quizzes. Contrary to popular belief, you will have contact with other students and the instructor.

How are students evaluated?

Earning a degree should mean just that — earning it. If students aren’t assessed properly and degrees are handed out with little or no verification that any knowledge has been transferred from the instructor to the student, then how can the program be rated? Students, particularly adult students, learn more by doing than by simply listening. For this reason, it is important to ensure that part of the program involves applying what has been learned.

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UNISA to Open on Weekends for Registrations

UNISA to Open on Weekends for Registrations


Unisa’s Durban campus has reached an agreement to open their registration offices during weekends until the deadline on 25th January.


This comes after the institution admitted to struggling to deal with the long queues outside their campus due to new and returning students waiting to register.


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“This past weekend we had reached an agreement to open our registration offices on weekends as the deadline for registration is on 25 January,” said Unisa spokesperson Martin Ramotshela to IOL News.

Unisa employees were only able to deal with 1000 students a day, but more than 3 000 student were in the queues. The long queues had been winding around the campus, while some potential students resorted to camping overnight to ensure they were attended to the next day.

“We are also concerned about the vulnerability of these students, because we do not want a repeat of last years incidents where people were robbed, one women was raped, and another went missing,” noted member of the SRC, Nkanyiso Zwide.

Ramotshela advised students to register online rather than queue outside the institution, adding that only those who needed assistance to navigate around the courses they were choosing and had no internet access should be in the queue.

“Only if a student needs a warm body to help them with registration or needs to talk to career advises should they be in the queue,” added Ramotshela.


[Source – IOL News]


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