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69 People Wanted GP Social Development

69 People Wanted GP Social Development


WEST RAND SD/2019/05/02 X7,
SD/2019/05/04 X9, SEDIBENG SD/2019/05/05 X12, WALTER SISULU
SD/2019/05/07 X1, DESMOND TUTU SD/2019/05/08 X1, ZANELE
MBEKI SD/2019/05/09 X3,
SALARY : R 148 215 – R 265 320 per annum (within the OSD Framework)

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 Further Education Training Certificate (FETC) NQF level 4 plus
registration with the SACSSP as a Social Auxiliary Worker. Submission of valid proof of registration with the South African Council for Social Service
Professions (SACSSP). Knowledge and understanding of Social
dynamics, human behaviour and social systems. Knowledge of Social
legislation, policies and ethical practices governing field and intake
programmes. Skills and Competencies: Good Communication, Problem
solving, Report writing, Team work and Collaboration, skills. Must be
innovative, caring and professional

DUTIES : Liaise with beneficiaries and conduct visits to children and youth in
conflict with the law in raising awareness to the public about probation
services. Provide probation services programmes and prepare logistics
in preparation for progress reports on home based supervision. Perform
administrative functions and assist in taking minutes during meetings and
conduct file verification and create beneficiary records on SAP.

ENQUIRIES : Mr S Makgorogo Tel- (011) 950 7803- West Rand Region, Mr A Kotsedi
Tel-(012) 359 3314- Tshwane Region, Ms T Mokgokolushi Tel: (011) 938
0004 – Walter Sisulu, Ms Z Nhlapo (011) 817 7303 – Zanele Mbeki, Ms
S Hutchinson (012) 734 8377 – Dr Fabian and Florence, Mr D Barnard
Tel- (012) 564 0640 – Desmond Tutu, Ms C Dukwana Tel-(011) 355
9502- Johannesburg Metro Region, Ms L Harmse-Tel (016) 930 2055-
Sedibeng Region, Ms R Makhalemele-Tel (011) 820 0336 -Ekurhuleni

CLOSING DATE : 31 May 2019
The Department reserves the right to fill or not to fill this position(s).

Applications can be delivered to- The Gauteng Department of Social 

West Rand Region, 16 Human Street, Krugersdorp. For
attention Mr S Makgorogo. Tel:(011) 950 7782/ 7700 or posted to Private Bag X 2068, Krugersdorp, 1740,

Walter Sisulu Centre, No 3 Modder
Street, Noordgesis, 1804 for attention – T Mokgokolushi Tel: (011) 938

Dr Fabian and Florence Ribeiro Treatment Centre, Zonderwater
Road, Next to Zonderwater Prison, Cullinan or Private Bag X 1004,
Cullinan, 1000 for attention Ms S Hutchison (012) 734 8377,

Zanele Mbeki Frail Care Centre, 3 Vlakfontein Road, Dunnotar, 1496 for attention Ms Z Nhlapo Tel: (011) 817 7303, ,

Ekurhuleni Region 40 Catlin Street, Germiston,1400 or posted to -Private Bag x1008, Germiston, 1400 for Attention- Ms R Makhalemele, Tel- (011) 820 0336,

Johannesburg Metro Region 91 Commissioner Street,Private Bag x1
Johannesburg, 2000- Attention Ms C Dukwana Tel-(011) 355 9502,
Sedibeng Region, 3 Moshoeshoe Street, Sebokeng- for attention Ms L
Harmse Tel (016) 930 2055, Tshwane Region, South Tower, Fedsure
Building, 268 Cnr Lillian Ngoyi & Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 0164 for
attention- Mr A Kotsedi Tel-(012) 359 3314.

NB : The selection and appointment of candidates is subject to positive
vetting and verification requirements as per government policy and

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58 People Wanted Social Development GP

58 People Wanted Social Development GP

SD/2019/05/30 X6, EMMASDAL CYCC SD/2019/05/31 X2, FATHER
SD/2019/05/33 X4, SOSHANGUVE SECURE CARE SD/2019/05/34
SD/2019/05/36 X3
SALARY : R140 958- R 187 758 per annum (within the OSD Framework)

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 with FET Certificate in Child and Youth Care Worker,
Submission of valid proof of registration with the South African Council for
Social Service Professions (SACSSP). Skills and Competencies: good
communication, problem solving, planning and organising, caring,
professional and passion for children and youth.
DUTIES : Conduct admission procedures to children and youth. Inform children and
youth of the rules routine of the care facility. Engage children and youth in
skills transfer through role modelling. Holistic care of Children in the Child
and Youth Care Centre. Provide safe and secure Environment for
vulnerable young people. Work within the life space of young people.
Implement, review and evaluate behaviour management Programmes
based on client needs. Perform shift work and handover procedures within
Specific time lines. Participate in multi-disciplinary team activities and
children’s forums.

ENQUIRIES : Ms T. Chauke (011) 964 8700 – Mary Moodley CYCC, Mr P
Netshikulwe (012) 700 9444 – Garankuwa CYCC, Mr D Barnard (012)
546 0640 – Desmond Tutu CYCC, Ms C Letoaba (012) 797 8304 –
Father Smangaliso Mkhatswa CYCC, Ms A Maluleke (012) 797 8337 –
Soshanguve Secure Care, Ms H Muliwa (011) 916 4129 – Igugulethu
CYCC, Mr K Khipa (011) 723 9209 – Don Mattera CYCC, Ms Jennifer
Fouche (010) 344 1280 – JW Luckoff CYCC

CLOSING DATE : 31 May 2019

The department reserves the right to fill or not to fill this position(s).

Applications can be delivered to

Mary Moodley CYCC Tsesebe Street,
Apex, Benoni, for attention Ms T. Chauke (011) 964 8700,

Garankuwa Rearabilwe CYCC, 289 Sedumedi Street, Zone 2 Garankuwa, for attention Mr P Netshikulwe (012) 700 9444,

Soshanguve Secure Care, Southpan Road, Soshanguve for attention Ms A Maluleke (012) 797 8337,

JW Luckoff CYCC, Vaal Dam Road, Heidelberg, for attention Ms
Jennifer Fouche (010) 344 1280,

Desmond Tutu CYCC, 162 Tolbos
Street, Pretoria North, for attention Mr D Barnard (012) 546 0640,

Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa CYCC, Soutpan Road, Soshanguve for
attention Ms C Letoaba (012) 797 8304,

Emmasdal CYCC, Vaal Dam Road, Heidelberg, for attention, Igugulethu CYCC, Cnr Cason Road and 13th Avenue, Boksburg North for attention Ms H Muliwa (011) 916 4129,

Don Mattera CYCC, C/O First Avenue and Fourth Street, Edenvale, for
attention Mr K Khipa (011) 723 9209

NB : The selection and appointment of candidates is subject to positive
vetting and verification requirements as per government policy and

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How to Use Your Facebook Profile as Your CV

Is your Facebook profile helping or hurting your job search?

It’s no secret Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants have taken over the internet.

Facebook has become one of the primary targets for businesses looking to hire a new team member. Whether it’s being used as a follow-up to an application or interview, search tool for finding the best fit, or as an investigative and research platform, hiring managers are using Facebook to learn more about applicants. This makes the idea of using Facebook as a social media CV quite intriguing.

Let’s dive deeper into how to build a CV on Facebook.

1.Career experience and education

Facebook offers users the ability to list career information and use the platform as a social media CV. This platform helps connect applicants with more businesses through tagging. When you list your company’s name, it automatically connects you to that company’s page, allowing future employers to see who you’ve worked for in a new light.

Treat each job and position as you would on a resume. Don’t place silly descriptions or rude comments. Instead, display your notable contributions and key achievements. Additionally, take advantage of the projects tool. Use this tool to list each notable contribution and key project you worked on. Limit the number of projects to five or six. You don’t want to prevent hiring managers from seeing your other accomplishments.

Education tools on Facebook are similar to those of the employment section. It connects you to the school and university’s page. List all universities, colleges, and schools where you received a degree or diploma. Don’t list every single one attended. This can insinuate you give up too easily.

2.Skills section

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of Facebook. The skills area, located slightly below the education section, is used to list skills. These skills are automatically tagged in Facebook’s search engine. Meaning, if you list dog walking as a skill and potential employers search for dog walkers on Facebook, bingo, your name appears.

Be careful though; Facebook limits the number of skills you can list. Only list the most important and relevant skills. Don’t list transferable skills, and avoid bland terms. This list should be specific. Facebook will try to help you by listing words it thinks you mean. Take advantage of this CV help feature because those are the terms most searched for online.


Facebook is more than a social media and communication tool. It is useful in job searches and networking with other professionals. It can even be used as a sort of social media CV. Hiring managers and supervisors are increasingly requiring applicants to list their Facebook account. Those managers use your profile to determine if you are a good fit or not. Following these basic tips not only will help you get the job, they will also prevent embarrassing moments. To recap on how to build a Curriculum vitae using Facebook:

  • Use your CV as the basis for the “Work and Education” section of the “About” tab.
  • Fill out your Timeline with vital information that paints a rich and robust picture of your professional life.
  • Consider adding life events that convey interesting and relevant information.
  • Add photographs or other illustrations that show the evolution of your career and academic trail.
  • Employ your feed or “Status Updates” in a way that communicates your professional and personal interests.
  • Strive for cohesion and consistency in your content.
  • Avoid information that distracts or destructs.
  • Don’t post topics or photos you wouldn’t want your mother or mentor to see.

Facebook has recently added a jobs application section where you can submit your application to employers and recruiters. So it is important to rebuild your profile to take advantage of this feature.

Hope this was so much useful to you, if so, start working on your Facebook profile now to use it as your CV for job hunting.


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Limpopo Econominc Development Department is Hiring 18 to 35 Years Olds

Limpopo Econominc Development Department is Hiring 18 to 35 Years Olds

CLOSING DATE: 20 December 2018

Stipend: R68 742 per annum

Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism invites applications from suitably qualified young graduates from Limpopo Province (between 18-35 years) to participate in 24 months internship programme. The programme aims at exposing unemployed young graduates to workplace practices in order to maximize their chances of getting employment.

Graduates who have participated in internship programme in the public service should not apply. The Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism is an equal opportunity employer, therefore people with disability, women and youth are encouraged to apply.

Wildlife Trade and Regulations Grad / Intern

  • Degree / National Diploma in Nature Conservation /  Environmental science

IP / 19 / 01

Employee Relations  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree / Postgraduate Diploma in Labour law / Labour Relations

IP / 19 / 02

Security and Investigation  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Security Management / Policing / Public Administration

IP / 19 / 03

State Owned Nature Reserves  Grad / Intern [x07]

  • Degree / National Diploma in Nature Conservation

IP / 19 / 04

Trade and Investment Promotion  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Business Management and Marketing

IP / 19 / 05

Economic Empowerment Grad / Intern

  • B. com Business Management / B com Economics

IP / 19 / 06

Enterprise Development  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / BCom Business Management / Entrepreneur

IP / 19 / 07

Environment Empowerment Services  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Environmental Management or Sciences / Nature Conservation

IP / 19 / 08

Environmental Research and Planning  Grad / Intern

  • Degree / National Diploma or higher qualification in Environmental sciences, Environmental law, Development Planning and related fields

IP / 19 / 09

Integrated Pollution and Waste Management  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Environmental Management Science, Water Care, BSc degree / Honors in Chemistry

IP / 19 / 10

Biodiversity  Grad / Intern

  • B.Sc. Degree / Hons in Ecology /  Botany / Zoology, BSc Degree / honors Zoology (Ichthyology). BSc Degree / Honors with GIS.

01 1P / 19 / 11

Communication Services  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma in Graphic Design / Post graduate Diploma / Degree in Public Relations /  Communication / Media studies

IP / 19 / 12

Information and Records Management  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Public Management / Human Resources / Records Management / Archival studies

IP / 19 / 13

Information Technology  Grad / Intern

  • A+ / N+ / MCIT / National Diploma Information Technology / Computer science Degree

IP / 19 / 14

Transformation Services  Grad / Intern

  • BA Social Sciences related field / Degree /  Diploma Public Administration / Development studies

IP / 19 / 15

HOD Support  Grad / Intern

  • Diploma / Degree in Office Management IP / 19 / 16
Strategic Planning  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Public Administration / Public Policy

IP / 19 / 17

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Environmental management or related fields

IP / 19 / 18

Supply Chain Management  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Public Administration / Management

IP / 19 / 19

Consumer Affairs  Grad / Intern

  • B. Com / Law / Paralegal

IP / 19 / 20

HRD / PMS  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Human Resource Management / Development

IP / 19 / 21

Financial Accounting  Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Financial, Management / Accounting

IP / 19 / 22

Business Regulations Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree in Administrative Management / Business Management / Public Administration

IP / 19 / 23

Environmental Impact Management  Grad / Intern

  • 3 year diploma / degree in Environmental Management / Science / Chemical / Water / Engineering and Natural science related

IP / 19 / 24

How To Apply

Applications must be submitted on Form Z83, obtainable from any public service department, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, certified copies of qualifications and ID.

Applications can be directed to: The Director: Human Resource Development, Private Bag X 9484, Polokwane, 0700 or Hand Delivered to Registry offices at the following Addresses:

Head Office19 Biccard Street, Office No. B1 – 73, Evridiki Towers Building,

Ms Mathedimosa L.E, Tel: 015 293 8419

SekhukhuneParliamentary Complex, P / Bag X 31, Chuenespoort, 0745

Ms Skhosana MJ, Tel: 015 633 7633

Waterberg84 River Street, P / Bag X 1041, Modimolle, 0510

Mr Moropo K , Tel: 014 717 1055

MopaniMopani Government Building, P / Bag X9681, Giyani, 0826

Mr Shikwambana M.D, Tel: 015 812 0365

VhembeOld parliamentary Building, Block E & F, P /  Bag X 5088, Thohoyandou, 0950

Mr Mudau A.A, Tel: 015 962 4722

Capricorn90 Bok Street, P / Bag X 9555, Polokwane, 0700

Ms Legodi RL, Tel: 015 297 3839

If you do not receive any response from us within three (3) months of the closing date of this advert, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

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10 Steps to get Young People Working

10 Steps to get Young People Working

The summit, Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment, which was hosted by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator at the Spier Wine Estate in Cape Town concluded on Tuesday. Here are ten things the summit resolved to help solve SA’s crisis of youth unemployment.

Scale should be obtained in the growth of business process services. One way to achieve this would be to accelerate and grow foreign direct investment.

2.Technician training
Enhance training of technicians to work in installation, repair and maintenance jobs. Technician jobs can cut across multiple industries and provide a sound basis for scale.

The entry-level requirements and input costs for training technicians are considerably less and more attainable than that for artisans.

3.Digital and tech skills
Unlock and accelerate the digital and tech skills pipeline.

4.Social economy
Enable the youth to find employment pathways in the social economy in order to help them create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.

The social economy is generally defined as being distinct from the private and public sectors. It is usually not-for-profit services or activities offered in communities on a cooperative basis. An example would be teaching people how to access the internet or providing early childhood development.

5.Geographic distribution
Grow geographically distributed opportunities through real-time demand-led skills development and matching those with needs in the tourism, conservation and agriculture sector.

6.One-year work
Fund new one-year work opportunities through the Youth Employment Service (YES). YES is a collaborative economic enabler aimed at the youth and led by business in partnership with government and labour.

7.Pathway manager platform
Strengthen the pathway manager platform to take young people “from learning to earning”. According to Harambee, while many unemployed youths remain locked out of the economy, job vacancies go unfilled every year – even in low-growth economic conditions.

Young people from poorer households incur great costs looking for work and lack the social networks, work-readiness, information and exposure to find available opportunities. Many matriculants and graduates, therefore, fail to make the move from “learning to earning”, despite being sufficiently educated on paper.

A “pathway manager” would understand how to organise a spectrum of opportunities as either destinations or transition points for a young person. In this way a pathway manager can match and direct young people on their job journeys.

8.Innovative financing solutions
Innovative financing solutions should be developed to accelerate demand-focused skills development and “learning to earning” transitions for inclusive youth employment creation.

9.Reducing costs for work seekers
Interventions are needed to reduce costs for work-seekers. This can be done through interventions to provide increased connectivity solutions, transport solutions, addressing proximity challenges and providing access to in-community open learning opportunities.

10.Ongoing collaborative leadership
Ongoing collaborative leadership is essential to grow evidence and insights about inclusive employment creation for the youth that can sustain momentum and inform policy, planning solutions and lead to design and implementation at scale.

Source: Fin24

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