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How Does Longrich Work

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How Does Longrich Work

Learn more about how Longrich works and Longrich South Africa Compensation Plan.

Have you recently heard about Longrich Bioscience? Do you know bow Longrich works? If this is what you have been asking yourself, you can now get all the answers on how does Longrich works and about Longrich South Africa compensation plan.

Read further more below and get to understand how South Africans and other countries are taking advantage of the Longrich business opportunity.

Recently, there is a chart released showing countries interest about Longrich and guess what, South Africa is on top of the list with 34.5%. So, if you are in South Africa you must take advantage of this opportunity.

What is Longrich?
Longrich is a Network Marketing company which deals supplements, Cosmetic, Skin care Products and more, over 2000 products. It was established in 1986 in Asia. All products are approved by International Organisation for Standardization (ISO)
So what are the steps to follow?
Step 1 Buy Products to Join
Become a member by buying one of following packages of products:
A Silver Membership you get 8% on your downline
R1500 Silver Membership , you get paid 8% of your downline activities.
R2000 Gold membership,  you get paid 10% of your downline activities.
R2500 Platinum membership, you get paid 12% of your downline activities.
R27 000 to R28 000 VIP Platinum ,  you get 12% of your down line plus 1% of Longrich  global profit monthly. And you becone a Diamond Level 2 instantly.
Step 2 You join first and recruit later
Recruit ONLY 3 PEOPLE to be your downline.
Then encourage your 3 people to recruit their 3s as your network grows, you earn more.
Step 3 Points Accumulation and Growth
Accumulate points as you recruit and buy products from Longrich. When you reach 720 points you start getting regular income as your team grows. You get points when you and your team buy stock from the company. E.g. with R2500 you can get about 160 points. And if you get 4 people who join and buy with R2500 you get 160×4 plus your 160 which equals to 800 points. So you have already rached Diamond 1(D1) with only 4 people. You get points from the whole downline, even from people recruited by anyone from your downline.
Join Longrich Now…See longrich South Africa’s Compensation Plan
How do we get paid at Longrich?
√D1 earns +-R600-R900
√D2 earns +-R1000-R1500
√D3 earns +-R1500-R2000
√D4 earns +-R2500-R3000
√D5 earns +-R5000-R7000
A Diamond 6 earns +-R9000-R15000 . This is based on points calculated on weekly activities.Up to diamond 7 then we start star director ranks. A diamond 5 qualifies for R60 000 mini car incentive & an international trips & get paid weekly
Here is the joining procedure
1. You have to make payment into Longrich account.
2. Complete the application form.
3. Send both the completed form and proof of payment back to me as a sponsor/recruiter.
4. Our stockist captures your form and you get a membership number.
5.You also send me your products/stock you want
6. Products sent courier or you can collect at your nearest stockist.
7. As soon as you get your membership number, you start recruiting
We all start with one thing, MAKING A POSITIVE DECISION. Are you ready to start
 Say YES to the Longrich Business and start improving your financial status.
Now  the big QUESTION IS : When are you starting?

Request Form Via WhatsApp, just send the word “Longrich Form” to 082 792 5608 and I will send you the form and banking details to start.

Don’t let this opportunity pass because Longrich is the future.

Get Paid Every Week With LongRich: Join Today and Start Making Money

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