Nursing Training Programme Lilitha College

The Lilitha College of Nursing invites applications for: Post Basic Diplomas in Nurse Science (R48): Clinical Health Assessment.

Applications for: Post Basic Nursing Diploma (R212) including (R48) and a four year diploma in Nursing (R425)

Closing Date: 5th July 2019

The Lilitha College of Nursing invites applications for: Post Basic Diplomas in Nurse Science (R48): Clinical Health Assessment. Treatment and Care (PHCI (R212) Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care, Child Nursing Science, Operating Thea Critical Care, Orthopedie Nursing Science and Ophthalmic Nursing Science Basic Diploma: (R425) Four Year Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery cute leading to Registration as a Nurse (General, Community. Psychiatry and Midwifery from young, compassionate and caring individuals who are passionate about nursing and wish to start their career in Nursing Profession in the Eastern Cape Province or upgrade their current nursing status (having been granted Study Leave by the current Employer).


  • A well written application letter accompanied by the following documents
  • Certified copy of a valid Grade 12 certificate with aggregate D or E/S (from 750 and above) – old certificate and meet minimum requirements for admission to a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma for the new certificate
  • The certificate must have the following subjects as they are compulsory: English Level 3 and above/E symbol – old certificate and Biology (Life Science Level 4 and above/E symbol-old certificates, other science subjects Physical Science Mathematics/Maths Literacy, Geography, Life Orientation will be an added advantage as the Admission Point System (with minimum points of 18) will be utilized to select these candidates
  • Certified copy of study leave or letter from supervisor indicating that study leave being processed for government employees
  • Certified copy of identity document
  • Certified copy of a marriage certificate for married candidates
  • Curriculum vitae with reliable contact numbers and clear physical address indicatie the town farm/village of origin AS A CATCHMENT AREA
  • • An original bank copy of a R50.00 deposit sipas proof of having deposited the R50.00 non-refundable application fee to:

Account Name Lilitha College of Nursing Bank

First National Bank Branch: Bhisho
Account Number: 62407182229
Branch Code 210619
Reference : APP -Name and Surname


  • Students currently doing Grade 12 will not be able to apply as registration with SANC as a student will be finalized first week of December 2019 and a certificates a requirement for registration,
  • Post Basic Diploma applicants must attach a copy of current SANC license to practice and must have been exposed in the specialist field/discipline applying for:
  • Age limit for the Four Year Diploma R425 for those who are currently not practicing as nurses is 35 years on registration with Lilitha College of Nursing, and for serving officers is 45 years

How To Apply

Your application must be sent to a main campus nearest to your place of residence


Umthatha Main Campus – Mthatha General Hospital
Private Bag X 5014
Umthatha, 5099


Frere Site
40 Lennox Road, Amalinda
Private Bag X 9023
East London, 5200


Queenstown Campus Lilitha-Frontier Hospital
Queenstown Health Resource Centre
Private Bag X7063
Queenstown, 5320


56 Park Drive
Port Elizabeth, 6000


St Elizabeth Hospital
Private Bag X 1007
Lusikisiki, 4802

The courses will commence on:

  • Diploma in Nursing Science (general, Community, Psychiatry) and Midwifery (R425), 01 February 2020,
  • Post Basic Diplomas: R212:01 March 2020
  • Post Basic Diplomas: R48:01 January 2020 Faxed applications will not be processed.

Enquiries: Ms S. Fanti 0043 700 9726

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How to Find Accredited and Registered Nursing Colleges in South Africa

Nursing Colleges in South Africa

How to Find Accredited and Registered Nursing Colleges

One of the functions of the Nursing Council is to accredit nursing education institutions (NEI’s) and the training programmes presented by those institutions.  Council is empowered in terms of legislation to perform these functions.

The Nursing Act, 2005 – Section 42 of the Act makes it illegal for any institution in South Africa to provide education and / or training intended to qualify a person to practise as a nurse or a midwife unless both the institution and the programme of education and training are accredited by the South African Nursing Council .

In fulfilling these obligations, the Council is protecting the rights of;

the Public to receive care from a nurse or midwife who has received a high quality education intended to equip him / her to provide competent, compassionate and ethically based nursing care; and
the Learner to receive education and training that meets all the requirements for registration as a practitioner in South Africa 

Illegal Institutions / Programmes

It is imperative that learners make sure that the institution where they will be trained as a nurse or midwife is accredited by the South African Nursing Council AND that the training programme (course) is also accredited by the Nursing Council .  If either is NOT ACCREDITED, the Nursing Council will not recognise any of the training the learner has received.  This means that the learner will not be able to practise in South Africa (or elsewhere) after completing the training.  All the time and money that the learner has spent on education and training will be wasted.

Often, such illegal institutions or institutions running illegal programmes try to protect themselves by giving their programmes obscure names like Pre-nursing and telling the prospective learner that by following such a course, the learner will be guaranteed entry into further nursing education (at the same or another nursing education institution).  There is no provision for such programmes in the Nursing Act, 2005 or in its regulations and no such guarantee.  The education and training regulations (available on this web-site) give minimum entry requirements for each nursing education and training programme.

The Nursing Council handles complaints or reports received about illegal institutions and/or illegal programmes operating in South Africa.

All allegations are investigated and, if it is found that an institution is operating illegally or running an illegal programme, the co-operation of the South African Police Services (SAPS) is sought in closing down the institution or programme.  SAPS is involved in this process because in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005 it is a criminal offence for someone to operate such an institution or to offer such a programme.

If you are aware of any institution that you think may be operating illegally or providing an illegal programme, please send full details to the Council so that the facts can be checked.

How to Find Accredited and Registered Colleges

Go to SANC Website

Source: South African Nursing Council

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