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#KeDecemberBoss How to Save Money for January

#KeDecemberBoss How to Save Money for January

It is that time of the year where we have to make some seasonal shopping. Christmas time is usually that time where we spend money for thinks we need and some of the things we just adore. But during this period we might just waste some money unaware. You might buy stuff you do not need.

That is why I just thought of sharing some tips on shopping smart this festive season.

1. Compare the prices before going to the store

Most retailers also have the online platforms where you can see the prices before the day of specials. Look for the products you wanna buy, memorise the prices or write them down. When the day of shopping arrives buy the products that have been reduced looking at the notes you made.

2.Buy Online, Avoid the crowd

Did you know that most of the items you wanna buy at the store might also be available online? Yep, they are available online. Buy online to avoid the crowd. Everyone will be going to the store to get their share of cheaper products but you can get your share just staying home. You get them delivered directly to your door step.

3.Get The App

Most of the retailers these days have got cool apps that you can install on your smartphone and do shopping smartly. Plus these apps will notify you whenever there are cool offers and you get to know about them early and be the early bird. So install such apps to maximise your shopping experience.


4.Get Notifications and Alerts

Subscribe for free to your favorite stores to get special deals via email or the push notifications on your apps. This way, you will be able to get deals on time before the products are sold out.


5.Draw a budget for your festive season shopping

Remember, this is just an occasional events and there are other important items you need to pay for after the festive season. So, draw a budget and stick to it, otherwise you will remain with debts after the shopping spree.

6.Use Discount Vouchers and Coupons

Using coupons and free vouchers can help you save more. All retailers wants you to buy from them but you have the power to decide who you can support. Support those who are willing to meet you halfway or somewhere.

Online retailers like Zando offers coupons almost everyday. They also offer you R200 discount voucher for just signing up to receive notifications for their newsletter.

7.Always Use your rewards or loyalty cards

Almost all the retailers have some kind of a rewards card. Cards such as Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, Jet-Edgars ThankU cards and more are the kind of cards I am referring to. Make sure every purchase you do, you swipe the rewards card. These rewards can be more rewarding in desperate times. January is coming, who knows if you will still have that cash?

8.Install Snap n Save

On top of the rewards cards that you have you can also get cash back using Snap n Save. Snap n Save allows you to book for items you plan to buy and when you have done your shopping you just snap the slip and get cash back. This is a real cash that can be deposited into your account. Install Snap n Save Now

I hope this has been helpful to you and you can share these tips with others as well. Help a friend save money, share this post.

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Today is BLACK FRIDAY 2018 See All The Specials Before Going to the Shop

Today is BLACK FRIDAY 2018 See All The Specials Before Going to the Shop

The best way to beat the black Friday rush is to check the specials online, buy online and stay at home. Most retailers have uploaded their specials on the online shopping portals. So there is no need to rush to the shops if you can buy online.

Buying online is effortless, you can take you time selecting the best products for you. You can also compare products in different shops just sitting at your home.

You can just simply start from a Google search for the item you are looking for, the results for different shops will be displayed. Try to click on shopping while on the search results to see prices for different shops.

That way you will be able to know where the products are cheaper and then you can make your purchasing decision.

See all the retailers offering the Black Friday sale here.

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Women’s Day and August Month Gift for You

Women’s Day and August Month Gift for You

Free Women’s Month R100 Shopping Voucher

HomeChoice would like to wish all women a very happy Women’s Day. Here is your R100 online discount voucher – simply enter the code WOMEN100 at checkout to claim it.

Don’t wait too long though; this voucher is only valid until Monday, 13 August 2018 and can only be redeemed online.

To use the voucher Go to Homechoice Website by Clicking Here.

Make your purchases and use the coupon as described above.

Happy Women’s Day and Women’s month.

Share this with other women to show your appreciation for them.

Wishing you a successful women’s month and in all your plans for the moth.

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Homechoice Buy Two Get One free Blankets: The Special Deal Continues

Homechoice Buy Two Get One free Blankets. There are some of the things that you must never miss in life. The buy two get one free Homechoice special. I am tempted to share this with you because it if an awesome deal.

Buy two get one free, Homechoice Blankets


That is so amazing.

Here is how you can get an account with Homechoice:

How do I open an account with homechoice?

2 easy ways to open an account with homechoice:

  1. Register at

Click on Register at the top of the screen.

Enter your ID number. It is simply to check if you have an existing account with Homechoice.

Homechoice Blankets

Fill in your personal details and create your password. Please select a password that you will remember and always keep it safe.

Click on complete registration, and you’re done.

Don’t worry, this process is extremely safe and secure and you only have to register once. Thereafter, it will only take 3 clicks to shop online.

Homechoice Deals 2018

HomeChoice Specials

Buy Now Pay Later Deals

You will need to have the following information ready:

  • Your ID number
  • Address and contact details
  • Employment details
  • Monthly income and expenses details
Homechoice cookware

Once we have received all of your information a credit bureau check is done to determine whether you qualify for a homechoice credit facility account. If you do, we will require more personal information such as your income and expenses details. As a responsible credit provider, we aim to protect you from over-indebtness and give you the credit you deserve.

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DKNY Be Delicious R345 at Takealot [55% Off] Cheaper Than on BLACK FRIDAY

Are you looking for that perfect gift for her this Christmas?

It comes once a year, take advantage of this massive discount at for the most loved fragrance DKNY Be Delicious at R345 from R780. That is 55% off.


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Date extracted 7 December 2017

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