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Register for Free Courses Online

Register for Free Courses Online. Register yourself to get free courses information on Educourses website.

Having a qualification and skills place you in an advantageous position with more possibility of you getting hired.


Get some skills, register to get free courses information now.


Your future is bright, We can make it brighter

Your future is bright, We can make it brighter

Unemployment in South Africa and the demand for qualified employees are at an all-time high. is here to help you improve your career prospects by finding the course you need to stand out from the crowds. We partner with top institutions and colleges in South Africa and can help you find the right course, at the right price in record time.

Whether you want to study online, part-time or full time, we can help you find the best options out there with the click of a button and a follow-up call.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help to put you on the road to success.

Enter your details once

Choose the course you want to study

Receive quotes from top educators

Advance your career

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End 2017 in STYLE: Teach Yourself Some New Skills

2017 came in with with some resolutions tabled for you. You wrote them down or just thought about them. Some of the resolutions might have included getting yourself to add new skills in your life. But the question is, have you achieved this objective? Have you managed to tap in some new skills in your profile?

Well, you are the only one who know the answer but if the answer is NO, no worries there is still one month to correct the wrong.

You can register for free and get some new skills this December.

Take it as your early Christmas present.

Here are some of the free courses you can take advantage of this December:

1.Diploma in Digital Marketing 

2.Diploma in Nutrition 

3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment 

4.Diploma in Graphic Design 

5.Diploma in Health and Fitness 

6.Diploma in Web Development 

7.Diploma in Weight Loss 

8.Diploma in Photoshop 

9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition 

10.Diploma in App Development 

11.Diploma in Photography 

12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications 

13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation

All you need to do is to click on the course you love and register for free and study for free.

Merry Christmas in advance

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Enroll in Free General Short Skills Course: The Online Training

We are pleased to let you know that you can register for these free skills courses.


These are the courses that you can take advantage of as they are offered for free. You get to choose one course and register for free. You can choose any course from the listed below or more at the Shaw Academy website.

Make sure you attend your training using your mobile phone or computer.

Diploma in Nutrition
Do you want to help others improve their lifestyle? Our Nutrition programme is a 4-week guide to help you change or improve your lifestyle. You will learn how to create balanced meals, set goals, adapt eating to achieve your objectives and finally understand how to master your health. Ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy levels or for those who wish to add nutrition to their list of professional skills.

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Do you want to be involved personally or professionally? Then this programme is aimed at you and all who appreciate one simple fact, that the digital world will continue to grow and create opportunities for all of those willing to learn today.
This course equips the user with the skills they need to generate revenues online. Register now to learn the skills you need to succeed.


Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment
You will learn to trade with confidence by focusing on both the technical and fundamental aspects of trading/investment with our help and support throughout. You will learn what is required in order to successfully trade stocks, currency and commodity markets.

Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Social media has become one of the dominant forms of communication in the digital space, drastically altering the traditional relationship between a consumer and a business. Modern professionals need to know how to leverage these important marketing channels to grow their business and protect its reputation. This course provides a solid foundation for those intending to build and protect their brand in the world of social media so register today to start learning.


Diploma in Graphic Design
Students will explore the concept of Visual Thinking, Elements & Principles of Design and the basics of Typography. The course also familiarises students with the essential software, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design and builds skills in this area with hands-on lessons.

Diploma in Health and Fitness
Over the course of 8 one-hour modules spanning four weeks, students will follow a step by step guide covering the fundamentals of fitness and learn what they are required to do to reach their health and fitness goals.
Have you always wanted to advance your education but you do not have money to pay for the training? Well, consider that a thing of the past because you can be on of the 1000 people to enter on the training programme and at the completion of the course be awarded with a certificate of completion. So, do not think twice about this because opportunities like these comes once in a while. These courses can add a weight in your CV and increase your chance of employability. Or you can even start your business if you take courses that are in high demand in the real world. So choose wisely because you can only participate in one free course. It is also important that you share this with your friends as this info can help them also get some skills and they will appreciate your help.

Diploma in Web Development
Websites and web applications are quickly becoming the primary means to communicate information, ideas, and products to the world. How then, are they created? During this introductory 4 week course you will learn the processes, steps, and technologies involved in bringing ideas, contents, or products to the World Wide Web. Register now to start learning straight away.

Diploma in Weight Loss
Do you desire to help others achieve their weight loss goals? Our weight loss programme is a 4-week transformation course, that will guide you through how to lose weight properly and efficiently. You will learn how to lose the stubborn weight and keep it off, enhance your knowledge of nutrition in relation to weight loss, and finally understand how to master your health, so register now to get started.

Diploma in Photoshop
In this course, you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to enhance, edit, and create images to a professional standard and to add a whole other layer to your skill set as a photographer and designer.

Diploma in Sports Nutrition
A well planned eating strategy will have a positive effect on competition, fitness, recovery, reducing the risk of illness, and most importantly, helping you achieve optimal results. This course provides an evidence based analysis of sports nutrition. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need in order to achieve your sports nutrition and athletic performance goals.

Diploma in App Development
Whether you are looking to take up a typing-intensive hobby or start making profits, this course is for you. For all who appreciate that Mobile is continuing to grow and create opportunities, you can make it happen so register now to get started.

Diploma in Photography
On this course, we will teach you the skills you need to make the transition from fully automatic to fully manual shooting. Expand your creative potential and capture the images you have always dreamed of by joining this course today.

How to Register

SMS or send a WhatApp with the word “Free Courses” to 0793852029 we will send more info to you.


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6 Reasons Why We have to Study English

6 Reasons Why We have to Study English

Why should I learn English?

While you are thinking where to study English and which course to take, you might also want to ask yourself: why should I learn English?

There are lots of good reasons to learn English, from the professional to the personal. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and more than 67 countries have English as their official or native language, more than any other language in the world

Register for a Free English Course


Learning English can really help you in your career and enhance your CV
Research suggests that on average, people who use languages in their jobs earn around 8% more
Over 1/3 of businesses want people specifically for their language skills
The international business community often uses English to communicate, and often requires employees to speak multiple languages

Register for a Free English Course


Building relationships with people – professionally or otherwise – is an invaluable skill
Although it is hard to estimate the exact numbers of English language speakers in the world, it is thought that about one billion people speak English as a first or second language, the joint-highest number of any language
55% of all websites are in English
The majority of electronic communication is in English – being able to read and write emails is a big advantage

Register for a Free English Course


If you want to study at university in countries like the US and the UK, you need to be proficient in English
The number of people learning English is expected to reach around 2 billion people over the next decade
There are several exams for international students that measure English ability and are globally recognized


Learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement and fulfilment
Some of the world’s best music, films, and TV shows are in English. Understanding the language will give you a better appreciation of these cultural highlights
Speaking English will help you meet all kinds of people and make great friends


Learning English with Kaplan also means travelling to another country
Learning English abroad will help give you a better understanding of other cultures
The English you learn while abroad will help you to travel more easily.

Register for a Free English Course

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10 Things to Do to Improve Your CV: No 10 Will Make You Laugh

No one enjoys spending hours on a job application, only to receive a polite rejection email a few weeks later.

When it happens once, it’s disappointing. But when you’re repeatedly overlooked for interviews, it can really get you down.

A strong CV can be your ticket to your dream role, or at the very least, ensure your application lands on the interview pile instead of headed for oblivion.

Here are 10 instantly actionable tweaks to give your CV the best chance of capturing the attention of recruiters.

1. Keep it short

Two pages is ideal for a CV. Bullet lists and dot points are your friend. People will stop reading if the information they need is buried in wordy paragraphs and unnecessary detail.

2. Start with a personal profile

Begin with three to four sentences that outline how your skills and experience meet the requirements of the role(s).

3. Consider grouping short-term positions

Employers want candidates who look like they’ll stay for the long haul.  It’s better to say that you worked in hospitality for two years rather than listing the ten different fast food outlets you briefly worked in during that time.

4. Focus on your accomplishments and skills instead of your employment history

If you’ve worked on short-term contracts, you could list these under Contract Work and highlight your achievements instead of detailing each role.

5. Add awards, prizes and other relevant information that will help you stand out from the crowd

Do you speak a second language? Volunteer in an area directly related to the role? Make sure you mention these.

6. Focus on what you have accomplished rather than your duties, then prove your claims

Did you add value, make or save the company money, solve a problem, make something more efficient, or attract new clients? Describe how you did this.

7. Make sure the recruiter can easily see your strengths

It’s almost always best to lead with your employment history unless you’ve recently graduated.

8. Use language that is easy to read and skim over

Spell out your qualifications and any acronyms. A recruiter probably won’t know that a DAgrEc is a Doctor of Agricultural Economics.  And it’s better to say you were a member of the Expenditure Review Committee rather than the ERC.

9. Explain noticeable gaps in employment

This is especially true if you were studying, completing projects, freelancing or undertaking research.

10. Get a professional email address

Email addresses like will send your application straight to the bin.

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