University of Pretoria (UP) Registrations Open

University of Pretoria (UP) Registrations Open


University of Pretoria 2019 registrations open until 25 January 2019. The university has stated that registrations are fully online which means there will be no offsite registrations

Here are the steps to register online at The University of Pretoria.


Log in to UP Student Portal, click on the UP Student Centre link and check for holds in the right column of the student centre. If there are any holds, students will not be able to register.
First-year students, who are not sure about their curriculum, need to register for core modules only. Elective modules can be added after attending the orientation programme and curriculum advice.

First years with fixed curricula can register their modules as they appear on the registration page.

Current students are to register fully online from 3 January 2019. There is no fixed registration schedule for these students.

Watch the video below to get specific instructions on how to use the online registration programme.

Information on student access cards : Click here

UP Managed Bursaries and Loans

The University manages various bursaries and loan schemes on behalf of various donors. This included NSFAS, UP Sport Bursaries and UP Support Bursaries and UP Support Loans.

Information for the various Bursaries and Loans an be found at “Funding Opportunities



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University of Pretoria Application for Admission 2019

University of Pretoria Application for Admission 2019

Students are able to apply to the University of Pretoria through two primary channels (each prospective student must only complete one form):

1. Online Application

The Online Application System is intended for use by new prospective students submitting an application to TUKS for the first time. It is not intended for students presently registered at TUKS. Students who wish to apply online will need to have internet access and a working email address.

2. Paper-based Application

Prospective students may choose to complete a hard copy application form. These forms can be collected from the Client Service Centre on the Hatfield Campus during office hours. Once students have completed the form as well as attached a proof of payment of R300 to it (no cash), students must mail their application to:

The Client Service Centre
University of Pretoria
Private Bag X20, Hatfield, 0028
South Africa

Students are also able to request that a hard copy application form be posted to them by sending an e-mail with their details to or by calling tel:+27 (0)12 420 3111.

When Should I Apply?

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle, which commences on March 1st of every year. You can find TUK’s Online Application form here, and their Paper-based Application here.

Applicants are required to have a copy of their ID and a copy of their final grade 11 school report.

Application Fee:

Applicants are required to pay an application fee, except in the case of most graduates of TUKS. Application fees for South African students is R300.

Submitting Results and Documents:

School learners must ensure that all examination results from Grade 11 until September of Grade 12 are submitted. Failure to do such may result in delays within the student’s application process. You might find that you applied early in Grade 12 and thus only sent in your final Grade 11 results. If this is true, as the year progresses and you receive more results keep sending them through to TUKS, that way they will have all your results by the time finals come around.

Transferring students should too ensure that all transcripts and academic records are submitted as early as possible as well as that a final transcript of current studies being undertaken reaches the Admissions Office as soon as possible after receipt.

Once you have applied, keep a look out for your acceptance and/or provisional acceptance letter. You are encouraged to monitor your application status at all times.

Dates to Remember:

Closing dates for undergraduates application 2019

31 August 2018

NOTE: The University reserves all rights to change the above dates if needed. Before acting on any of the above dates, please confirm with the appropriate office

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The Youngest BSc Student at University of Pretoria is Just 14 Years Old

14-year-old Hjalmar Rall‚ who starts studying for his bachelor’s degree‚ only has thoughts of science.

The boy from Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape will be studying towards a BSc Physics degree at the University of Pretoria (UP)‚ which he believes is the “best there is”.

Hjalmar is excited to start his new journey and cannot wait to be among his new study mates.

“I want to ask even bigger questions and find out what else there is to do‚ particularly in theoretical physics and astrophysics‚” he said.


The teenager‚ who was home-schooled by his father‚ Heinrich‚ started the high school curriculum three years early and was elated to pass his A-levels — the UK equivalent of matric — last year. Quoting a character from Alice in Wonderland he said it was an “oh frubjous day‚ caloo‚ calay”.


He told TMG Digital his curiosity had always been piqued by the world of science. “Our family discussed the universe at home since I can remember. I was fortunate in that I grew up in a place where we could see the stars at night. A BSc will help me answer all the questions that were raised by staring into space.”


Hjalmar said that he was overwhelmed by his strong academic performance but was also excited at the prospect of moving to Pretoria with his family. When he is not hitting the books‚ Hjalmar enjoys drawing‚ photography‚ writing haikus and trawling the internet just like any other teen. “I have a passion for researching useless information‚” he added.

This whiz-kid’s mantra in life is to always enjoy what you are doing for it to not be a chore. “As long as it’s not boring‚ I do it‚” said Hjalmar.


Source: TMG Digital

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