They Gave Her R1500 Pick n Pay Voucher Free

They Gave Her R1500 Pick n Pay Voucher Free

Prudence Mokoena just walk away with a R1500 Pick n Pay voucher for literally doing nothing.

This is what she said after being informed as a winner:

Prudence Mokoena (Winner claimed prize)
Been playing for almost a year and this is the first time i have won. I still cant believe it. It feels like a dream…so so excited. It feels so amazing to win. Like it is so unbelievable.

So what exactly did she do?

This is what she have done

  1. She clicked here and go to
  2. She registered for free on justplay website
  3. She spotted the competitions she loved to enter
  4. She entered different competitions and answering small surveys
  5. She clicked enter at the end of the survey
  6. She did this several times a day and one day, she got notified that she is a winner of the R1500 Pick n Pay voucher

You too can do it my friend. These are free to enter competitions.

Look at the live competitions now. Test your luck, you will surprise yourself one day and walk away with the biggest prize. The Kia Rio. Yes it is the biggest prize we are all putting our eyes to. Enter these competitions and have faith.

Good luck to you and myself because I am also entering the competitions.

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