Total Graduate Internship Programmes for 12 Months

Total has a range of graduate internship programmes available for a 12 month placement with the company that could lead to a permanent job.

A 12 month internship opportunity for youth with post-matric qualifications.

There are a range of different internship positions available with varying requirements.

Interns will be placed with the company and gain valuable work experience.

Context and environment

Required Documents:

1. cv
2. Final year Transcript
3. Copy of ID
4. Certificate if available

Candidate profile

  • Required entry Qualifications:¬† Please see details on each opportunity.
  • Required entry Years of relevant experience: less than 1 year or none
  • Negotiation skills
  • Research skills¬†
  • Report writing skills (MS Word and MS PowerPoint)

How to Apply

Apply for Legal and Governance Internship

Apply for Health and Safety

Apply for Finance Internships

Apply for Engineering Internships

Apply for Marketing Internships

Apply for Business Management Internships

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