How to get Free Money for Financial Trading[Free Demo Account]

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If this is your question and you wanna be serious about financial trading, read this up to the end.
A lot of financial trading brokers online platforms promises clients free cash when one opens an account with them. Most brokers may promise to give you about $100USD to trade with on their platform. Some may give you a minimum of about $25USD but is this for real? Yep, you guess is as good as mine.
There is a saying that goes like “there if no such thing as a free lunch” TANTAFAAL inn short. Nothing is for free in this world, especially on the online platforms.
So, you may be asking yourself, what is the catch? The promises are real but terms and conditions apply.

I have made some investigation on some of the brokers and have found the following.
*When you get that free coupon, you can spend it but you cannot withdraw it unless you  deposit your own money
*There might be a certain withdrawal threshold. For you  to withdraw you have to reach a certain value which can be ridiculously high.
* You have to verify your identify by sending your ID copies using the online platforms.
*The brokers have the right to limit or revoke your forex account.
So, for a free forex trading platform with such conditions, do you still think it is free? No, I dont think so.
Before you continue and join some forex trading platforms, make sure that you have sufficient trading traning because forex is risky.
I hope you now have some ideas about the so called “free trading coupons”.
Please share this with others to alert them about these kind of things.

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