University of Pretoria (UP) Registrations Open

University of Pretoria (UP) Registrations Open


University of Pretoria 2019 registrations open until 25 January 2019. The university has stated that registrations are fully online which means there will be no offsite registrations

Here are the steps to register online at The University of Pretoria.


Log in to UP Student Portal, click on the UP Student Centre link and check for holds in the right column of the student centre. If there are any holds, students will not be able to register.
First-year students, who are not sure about their curriculum, need to register for core modules only. Elective modules can be added after attending the orientation programme and curriculum advice.

First years with fixed curricula can register their modules as they appear on the registration page.

Current students are to register fully online from 3 January 2019. There is no fixed registration schedule for these students.

Watch the video below to get specific instructions on how to use the online registration programme.

Information on student access cards : Click here

UP Managed Bursaries and Loans

The University manages various bursaries and loan schemes on behalf of various donors. This included NSFAS, UP Sport Bursaries and UP Support Bursaries and UP Support Loans.

Information for the various Bursaries and Loans an be found at “Funding Opportunities



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