Ways to Make Money on Black Friday

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Ways to Make Money on Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping lay on land including here in South Africa in recent years. Instead of just spending cash you can make money on this black Friday occasion.

1. Make Money Shopping Online

The online shopping malls may give you an opportunity to but on discounted price. Most online stores rewards their customers when they shop online. These could be in a form of discount vouchers or coupons. Make sure before you checkout you use a coupon offered by the store.

2. Subscribe to email newsletters.

I know flood of emails into your inbox can be annoying but for a while you will see that it is worth it. From this moment, go to the online stores you are planing to make purchases on black Friday and subscribe to their newsletters. This way you will get updates on the specials scheduled for the black Friday deals. Some shops will send you more than one notification per day since it is the biggest shopping day on land. Do not be annoyed, open the links sent to access massive discounts.

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3.Use the Cash Back Loyalty Cards

Merchant have realised the need to reward their customers for their loyalty to their stores. Big retailers such as Pick n Pay, Spar and others have rewards cards which gives you points back to your cards for shopping. Use the loyalty cards for every purchase you make despite how small it is.

4.Use the Cash Back Apps

It cost you nothing to download and install the cash back apps for your online shopping rewards. There are several cash back apps which you can take advantage of and get cash back into your pocket.

Cash Bag app, download and install Cash Bag app for cash back rewards when you do online shopping. Cash Bag works with various online retailers such as Homechoice and more.

Snap N Save app, download Snap and Save app for shopping rewards when buying from any shop and garages in South Africa. You only have to snap the till slip to earn rewards via Snap n Save.

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