Why Investors Collect Coins: Background of South African Coins

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South Africa known formerly as ‘The Cape of Good Hope’ was administered as a Dutch colony between 1652 to 1795 by the famous Dutch East India Company. This continued until the British forces over ran the country and legalized the British currency from 1826.

By 1795 there was a continuous deficiency for the small change. From this the 1797’s cartwheel pennies were launched in 1800 and were acknowledged as stuivers.

South Africa did not issue their first coin until 1892, however the production was ceased in 1919 due to the war of the British occupation. As a result all the South African Coins were based on British coinage as they were a colony of Great Britain. The size and content was the same as the British coinage until 1962 when the country was made a Republic. The British 3 pence was nick named ‘Ticky’.

In the year 1806 to simplify the shortage of small coins, the ship guilder coins were sent into circulation. An additional supply of pennies and shillings became apart of the circulation and the Spanish Dabloon was revealed for the first time. Before and after the announcement of independence in 1854 of the Orange Free State, South African coinage was widely used.

History Of South African Coins

Historical Details about the Big Demand for South African Coins

Some individuals accumulate coins by keeping in mind its chronological value. A lot of coin collectors commited to collecting coins during a definite period of history such as the declarations of autonomy and wars. Coins can enlighten inimitable stories. Thus, South African coins have an immense historical value.

Moreover,  some of the precious and collected South African coins are the Griqua, Mandela R5 coin, 6 pence ZAR and Krugerrand. The trade for coins in South Africa tolerates the access of the leading collectors and investors. South African coins took its cost more than millions of US dollars. There is no any doubt of a coin’s legitimacy, as their coins are separately marked and legitimated.

South African Gold sovereign Coins were minted under the Britsh empire.

There were 220,000 ZAR coins and 6 pence were produced in the year 1892 until 1997. It is one of the popular mintage during that period. It portrays Paul Kruger, and it has .0841 oz of silver. Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek coins appeared during Boer War in the year 1899 until 1902. The record behind the Krugerrand is that, South Africa presented the Krugerrands as one of their gold bullion coins since 1967 to serve the principle of providing the vast number of South African gold.

The South African Krugerrand Coin was considered as an authorized tender gold bullion coin that brought exactly 1 oz of pure Gold. After understanding a few points mentioned above concerning the worth and histories of such South African coins, the Mandela R5 assessed its own collection for itself! The Mandela R5 coin is derived due to its developed power, by the worldwide trade name “Mandela”.

In fact, Nelson Mandela is a part of the legend of South Africa and plays a considerable part in the history of South Africa. When the Mandela R5 coin becomes rare prospective generations will be fascinated by the legend as one of the best men that ever lived. However, the current system of South Africa is based on decimal with the unit of money referred “Rand”. Below is the listing of the coins that includes in circulation.

1 Cent (1/100 of a Rand)

2 Cents (2/100 of a Rand)

5 Cents (5/100 of a Rand)

10 Cents(10/100 of a Rand)

20 Cents (20/100 of a Rand)

50 Cents (50/100 of a Rand)

1 Rand (100/100, 1 full Rand)

2 Rands (200/100, 2 full Rands)

5 Rands (500/100, 5 full Rands)

South African Silver Coinage

The South African 5 shillings features the famous Springbok in the centre of the coin. It contains 0.800 grams of silver and weighs 28.28 grams. This was South Africa’s iconic silver coin and they minted just over 1.4 million coins between 1948 to 1950 with the majority minted between 1948 and 1949.

Source: Coins-Auctioned.com

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