Work from Home Ideas Create Self-Employment

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Work from Home Ideas Create Self-Employment

Real Work from Home Opportunities

Essentially, most work from home jobs are opportunities that you create yourself. It helps to have a marketable skill such as photography, being able to play a musical instrument, speak a foreign language or a certification in bookkeeping. The next step is to advertise it locally or in classifieds such as Gumtree, or look for ads requiring that service.
Another way to find small jobs is to visit crowd-sourcing and freelancing websites, which are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. People who need small pieces of work to be completed post them up on sites such as Freelance Central and offer a small fee. Users looking for work can bid for the jobs, and if their bid is accepted they then complete the assignment and receive the payment.
Other examples of this are Work At Home SOS, Freelancer, eLance and Guru. One crowdsourcing sites such Clickworker or Vivatic users sign up to complete small jobs such as verifying addresses or search results.
Below is a list of specific roles that can be completed from home.

IT Skills: Programming and Web Development.

Companies are constantly requiring programs to be written or websites to be developed and maintained, so anyone with experience in this industry will have a chance of finding work online. ScriptLance and GetACoder are freelance websites that specialise in programming.


Whether it’s for translation or teaching, being fluent in a foreign language is an extremely useful asset. Translation jobs can be found online at Translator’s Town and Languages Unlimited will hire freelance translators.

Online Tutor

Websites First TutorsTeachMe2, My Own Tutor and Educate SA all offer private tuition in subjects such as English, Maths, science, accounting or IT skills.


The ever-expanding internet constantly requires articles, blogs or product reviews. While a copywriting certificate helps, you can still find writing work without it. Freelance Central, Freelancer eLance, Guru, Clickworker and Vivatic all offer jobs of this kind.

Design is a well known site where big brands post briefs, the user base respond with ideas and the winning idea receives a prize. Springleap is a South African based site crowd-sourcing graphics and design.

Delivering and Selling Products from Catalogues

Everyone has heard of Avon, but this is just one of a number of companies that deliver catalogues door to door and take product orders. Justine is another example. There is also Longrich which has made some waves recently.

Online Surveys

Filling out surveys will never earn you large amounts of money, but it can supplement your earnings with a bit of extra pocket money. Some websites will offer gifts and vouchers as rewards instead. Not all survey sites are genuine, however, so it is a good idea to go through the same checklist as for work at home job scams – do they offer surprisingly high rewards, do you need to pay a fee to sign up and does a Google search reveal anything untoward? Sign up free to start making money.

Network Marketing

The most trending ways to create self-employment if South Africa includes network marketing. These are multi level marketing programmes that requires members to encourage their peers to join the programmes and get commissions for their recruits. Example of such programme is 3pexcel and Charity Begins Nathi.
Source:Survey Compare

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